The Child & Youth Refugee Research Coalition

is a current project led by the Resilience Research Centre.

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Uncovering the complex relationship between stressed social and ecological environments and young people's overall well-being.

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The Resilience Research Centre

Led by Dr. Michael Ungar, the Resilience Research Centre collaborates with various local, national and international institutions to carry out innovative research that explores pathways to resilience across cultures with a focus on children and youth while providing resilience measurement tools and training in the form of workshops and conferences. Through its partnerships with researchers, policymakers and clinicians around the globe, the Centre has built a world-renowned resource hub of resilience expertise and tools to support young people, families and communities on their path to psychological, social, cultural and physical well-being. Follow the link below for more info about the Center’s approach to resilience research and its application to practice and policy.

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Will pandemic babies live with the effects of their mothers’ stress?

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