Alternative Pathways - Stop Now and Plan (SNAP)

2014 - 2019

Alternative Pathways – SNAP (Stop Now and Plan), implemented by the BRAVE (Building Resilience through Anti-Violence Education) centrewas an evidence-based, gender-responsive program that aimed to reduce bullying, delinquency, and criminalization among at-risk girls aged 6-11 years and their school-based peers. The SNAP program addressed multiple risk factors, such as the display of externalizing oppositional behaviour problems, in order to build onto children’s strengths and protective factors for healthy development. BRAVE was the first all-girls SNAP site in the world. 

The RRC’s evaluation of SNAP included a pre-, mid- and post-test design using mixed-methods, and incorporated children, their caregivers, their teachers, program staff and key stakeholders. The impact of the evaluation was assessed via a process and outcome evaluation of how well project activities were delivered and how closely these activities were being implemented as planned. Quantitative data were collected using a compendium of self-report measures completed by children in the program, as well as companion questionnaires filled out by their caregivers and teachers. Qualitative data were also gathered via reviews of participant records, as well as interviews, focus groups, and questionnaires with SNAP GirlsSNAP Caregiver participants, staff members, and stakeholders. This evaluation also incorporated eight comparative case studies as a means for determining program attribution by comparing the effects the program had on youth and highlighting the successes of the program and areas where it could improve.