2017: Pathways to Resilience IV (South Africa)

2017: Pathways to Resilience IV (South Africa)


In June of 2017 the Resilience Research Centre partnered with Optentia Research Focus Area, NWU(alongside organizational support from the Primary Healthcare Directorate, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town) to co-host our fourth Pathways to Resilience conference in Cape Town, South Africa. We welcomed over 400 guests and nearly 300 presenters to our events from 54 different countries around the world.

Bringing our conversation into South Africa allowed for important and engaging dialogue focused on issues in the Global South where people are often disproportionately challenged by double and triple jeopardies (e.g., being both socially marginalized because of race, gender, ability or class, while at the same time experiencing climate change, armed conflict, and structural inequality). In the face of the apparently intractable challenges to human wellbeing, knowledge of how and why individuals, families and communities adapt to adversity and transform their worlds has become increasingly important. Pathways to Resilience IV provided a forum for understanding how this adaptation varies across cultures, how those in the Global South define resilience, and what can be done to meaningfully support health, wellbeing and social justice. We aimed to make a real difference to those who are tasked with responding to adversity, not only in the Global South, but through what we learn, in the Global North as well.


Global South Panel

Jace Pillay
Masego Katisi
Qing Gu
Silvia Koller

Hot Topic Debate Panel

Amarnath Amarasingam
Lane Benjamin
Sandy Lazarus
Sarah Thomas de Benitez

Overview Video